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The Law Office of Aaron J. Vanagaitis is your best choice!

What is it that makes The Law Office of Aaron J. Vanagaitis, LLC. your best choice when it comes to Real Estate Law?

I have always prided myself in being a hard worker. In fact, I’ve worked multiple full time jobs since I was first able to have a job in the State of Illinois. I have an incredibly diverse work history that has proven to be a huge influence on my practice as an Attorney. I have worked positions in everything from home construction, to farming, to warehouse work, tech sales, and retail management. Now, I know what you are thinking, “Why does an extensive work history benefit me as a client?” Well, let me explain.

The majority of my work history has and continues to center around customer service. In a field of law where most clients and referral sources state that communication with their Attorney is an issue, there’s a clear lack of customer service. With an extensive background in customer service, I know how important communication with my clients is in making them comfortable with the process. Without communication being a primary focus, The Law Office of Aaron J. Vanagaitis would be just like every other Attorney  in this field. I have developed my practice around the client. I focus directly on their needs from the second I am put on the contract, all the way until they are satisfied with the work done for the transaction. Most people are not regularly buying and selling real estate, so the process can be very confusing. To minimize any confusion or uncertainty, I take the time to walk my clients through the legal process of purchasing or selling a home to make sure that they fully understand and feel confident in the process.

Another large part of my background is in home construction and remodeling. I have spent almost 7 years working on houses, from framing to roofing newly built homes and nearly everything in-between. My construction background can benefit you through my knowledge of inspection reports and how important certain functions are to a house. For example, a leaky HVAC connection in an attic can cause moisture and mold, and if shingles are not installed in particular weather they can fail to fully adhere to one another. This knowledge of construction allows me to better inform and aid my clients with their inspection reports and better suits them to be able to ask for the right repairs.

When it comes to buying or selling your home, you should feel confident that your best interests are being taken care of. Why not choose an Attorney who is going to make sure you feel at ease throughout the entire process? Why not choose a Real Estate Attorney who prides himself in being your trusted advisor?

Give The Law Office of Aaron J. Vanagaitis, LLC. the opportunity to represent you and/or your clients in their next Real Estate transaction in the Chicagoland area, you will be glad you did!

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